About Us


Hey there! Welcome to Notorious Swimwear, where sunshine meets style and every curve is celebrated! 

Since 2016, we've been crafting swimwear dreams right here in the vibrant streets of Medellin, Colombia, with over 30 years of expertise backing us up. Our secret ingredient? Handmade designs that are as unique as you are!

Picture this: Swarovski crystals glistening under the sun, each stitch telling a story of passion and dedication. Yep, that's us! But more than just making swimwear, we're all about lifting spirits and empowering women everywhere.

Why? Because we're proudly woman-owned and fiercely dedicated to spreading good vibes. Our mission? Simple. We want you to feel like the superstar you are, whether you're lounging poolside or riding waves like a pro.

So, dive in and join the fun! Let's make a splash together and celebrate the beauty of being you. Because at Notorious Swimwear every day is a beach day, and life's too short for anything less than fabulous.